• Present Your Data and Excel Dashboard Online Courses

    Learn how to create Effective Dashboard that can change your business completely in 3 steps

    Present Your Data Outline


    Sٍtep 1: Visualization Concepts


    1. Tell Your Story
    build a compelling story to communicate your data in a more appealing way by learning the following:
    - Story structure
    - How to craft a story
    - How to tell a story


    2. Keep It Simple
    - Know the different chart types
    - When to use every chart
    - How to transform complex chart to simple chart


    3. Using Colors
    - The role of the colors
    - Colors meanings
    - Colors schemes


    4. Drive the Focus
    - How to grab the attention of your customer by using different techniques


    5. Say It with Pictures
    - Know how to use pictures to make your story more powerful


    Step 2: Data Analysis


    1. Explore Pivot Table Options

    2. Chart Formatting

    3. Formatting Numbers

    4. Root Cause Analysis Using Pivot Table
    - How to extract insights from your data using a pivot table

    5. Scatter Plot Analysis
    - How to use the scatter plot chart to do segmentation for the data


    Step 3: Dashboard Creation


    1. How to Design a Dashboard

    2. Create a Summary Dashboard

    3. Visualize the Insights in a Detailed Dashboard


    Excel Dashboard Outline


    1. Pivot Table


    1. Create Pivot Table

    2. Pivot Table Calculations


    - How to do calculations on Pivot Table


    3. Pivot Table Relationships


    - How To create relationships between sheets in the Excel and link it to 1 pivot table

    4. Distinct Count


    - How to do distinct (unique) count for customers or transactions


    2. Excel Dashboard Creation


    1.Create Slicer


    - How to create dynamic filters and link them to different charts


    2. Dynamic Data Selection


    - Use Excel functions to make the data in the excel dashboard dynamic

    3. Dount and Progress Bar Chart

    4. Link and Hide Sheets



    Prefer to use Microsoft Excel version 2013 or 2016 or higher


    Note: Online courses are recorded videos you can watch them online anytime but without downloading them

    Meet Your Instructor

    - Ahmed Emad is a professional data visualization expert and the founder of Powerful Insights.


    - Ahmed has been dedicatedly developing business intelligence projects in the Middle East, where he developed a more than 10 end to end BI projects.


    - Empowered with over 10 years of experience in visualizing data, Ahmed is utilizing his long experience and wide knowledge to boost business ROIs using the powers of data visualization.


    - Established Powerful Insights where he believes that transforming regular reports into perfectly visualized ones can be a turning point for the future of every business. His goal is to spread such a powerful solution among those whose jobs include communicating with data.

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    The mind shift that happened through this workshop is very significant, as it taught me how to think differently and how to see the data in a different way and gain insights and deliver them properly for the target audience


    The style of the delivery is very simple, to the point with no much details. Very valuable resources


    Great delivery, new concepts, and expertise I wasn’t aware of. It’s practical and It also gave useful feedback on practical work

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