• Interactive Dashboard Using Power BI Online Course

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    You are one step away from hearing your manager say: "WOW, how did you do that?!"

    Learn how to analyze data faster, extract business insights smarter, and present your work better. All while making it look so easy!

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    All the key performance indicators (KPIs) in the world - WITHOUT CLEAR INSIGHTS- won’t help you deliver the message and won’t make your work stand-out!

    When you prepare your data reports, you don’t need to be comprehensive and present everything you extracted. You don’t have to be committed to a specific layout or structure and struggle to fit your insights in it.

    When you regularly present data to busy decision-makers who get bored & disengaged by repetitive indicators & scattered graphs; you need to clearly show what’s happening in your business, why it’s happening, and what to do about it.


    “Organizations who use visual data discovery tools are 28% more likely to find timely information than those who don’t.”


    – Aberdeen Group

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    Your message is only as good as your ability to share it.

    You need to transform from aimless data reporting to purposeful insights presentation. It’s time you tell a story and give insights around your numbers & graphs to provides value and motivate people to listen and engage.

    It’s time to stand-out and develop your career.

    It’s time to use Data Visualization!

    We, in Powerful Insights (PI), have created an online course to help professionals working with data create an interactive dashboard using Microsoft Power BI.

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    Meet Your Instructor

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    - Ahmed Emad is a professional data visualization expert and the founder of Powerful Insights.


    - Ahmed has been dedicatedly developing business intelligence projects in the Middle East, where he developed more than 10 end to end BI projects.


    - Empowered with over 15 years of experience in visualizing data, Ahmed is utilizing his long experience and wide knowledge to boost business ROIs using the powers of data visualization.


    - Established Powerful Insights where he believes that transforming regular reports into perfectly visualized ones can be a turning point for the future of every business. His goal is to spread such a powerful solution among those whose jobs include communicating with data.


    - Certified Microsoft Power BI

    Interactive Dashboard Using Power BI course will help you:

    1. Understand and gather data requirements
    2. Analyze the data in a purposeful and insightful way
    3. Create an interactive dashboard to engage your audience


    And will take you on a data visualization T.R.I.P©:

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    Why Microsoft Power BI?

    Gartner index indicates that Microsoft is the data visualization market leader for the past 4 years, and that is for obvious reasons:


    - It’s a self-service user-friendly tool to find data without the help of I.T. staff.


    - It’s highly interactive and has a wide variety of charts, slicers, and filters.


    - It can handle a large amount of data.


    - It can restrict the data view to individuals by setting.

    In the Interactive Dashboard Using Power BI online course, you will:

    - Learn how to use Microsoft Power BI to extract insights from the data and visualize it in a simple and clear form.

    - Learn how to identify data relationships and patterns to identify areas that need attention or improvement.

    - Learn how to connect to different data sources.


    - Learn how to perform data cleansing (change data types, reformat data).

    - Learn how to create charts, calculations, dimensions, measures, and maps.

    - Learn how to perform root cause analysis.


    - Learn how to create multiple reports & filters, and how to schedule data for automatic updates.

    - Create an End-to-End Interactive Dashboard as your final project.

    Watch The Course Introduction Video

    Enroll now and enjoy

    - Lifetime access to the course (30 hours, 35 videos, Arabic language)
    - Free extra content added regularly to the course (updates)
    - 30 days 100% money-back guarantee

    - 4 Dashboard Examples

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


    What is Power BI?


    Power BI is a self-service tool that helps you turn your data into visually immersive and interactive insights.


    Is it an advanced Power BI course?


    We help you create an interactive dashboard by advanced calculations, unique and new visualizations to represent your data and find new key insights.

    Are you covering all Power BI functionalities?

    We do cover the most important functionalities like the following that help you create an interactive dashboard in Power BI:
    (Data Transformation, Relationships, visualization, Power Bi service, DAX, and Advanced tips).

    Course access expiry?

    Lifetime access, there is no expiry date for the course access. You can watch the videos anytime without downloading them.

    Do you provide certificates?

    Yes, we do provide a certificate of completion from our company “Powerful Insights”.


    Do I have to be advanced or an expert in Power BI?

    No, you don’t need to have the basic knowledge in Power BI, we explain all the steps in detail in the course.

    Is the course fully explained in the English language or Arabic?

    The course is explained mainly in Arabic but only the terminologies are in English.


    What are the advantages of using Power BI compared to Excel?


    1- Easier to use

    2- Saves time

    3- Has more variations for charts and functionalities that don't exist in excel


    Can I Install Power BI on Mac?


    No, you can only install Power BI on Windows.


    Is Power BI free for everyone?


    Yes, Power BI is free but requires a license to share reports with colleagues inside your organization.


    Is Power BI used for a specific type of business?


    No, Power BI can analyze different types of data and works for all business fields.