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    ✅ 4 Sessions Online Live Training on Zoom (Total 12 Hours)


    ✅ Online Courses (Lifetime Access) 


    ✅ 30+ Hours Recorded Videos for Microsoft Excel


    ✅ Monthly 30-Minutes One-to-One Private Session (Valid for 3 Months)


    ✅ 4 Excel Dashboard Examples 


    ✅ Weekly Meeting to Answer Your Questions (Valid for 3 Months)


    ✅ Online Courses Language is in Arabic


    4 Dashboard Examples

    (Sales, Finance, HR and Projects)


    Get AMAZING Results in Microsoft Excel

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    Prefer to use Microsoft Excel version 2016 or higher


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    Meet Your Instructor "Mohamed Ahmed"

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    - Powerful-Insights Training Manager& Expert Instructor ,Power BI Data Analysis ,MS Excel, MS Office Instructor and learning Consulting.


    - Certified :

    *MCT( Microsoft certified Trainer)

    *Power BI Data analysis Associate (PL300) (Microsoft Certified)

    *TOT Certified (IBCT)

    *Data Analysis Using Power BI (DataCamp)

    *Data Analysis Certified (Udacity)

    *Cambridge For IT Certified (Cambridge)

    *MOS Master Certified(Microsoft)

    *MOS Expert Certified (Microsoft)


    - More than 10,000 training and project management hours during more than 15

    years in training filed for international organizations, the Egyptian Government

    organizations, Corporate, Bank, nonprofit organizations, and individuals even

    private, Group, Online courses.


    - Senior Instructor for International organizations etc., (GIZ, Save Children, Microsoft

    Education Training Projects, UNESCO, Grant supported by the Embassy of Japan)


    - Senior Instructor for Egyptian Government organizations etc., (Egypt Post, MCIT

    Training Projects, MOE Training projects, Egyptian parliament training Course)


    - Senior Instructor for Corporate, Bank, nonprofit organizations, etc.,(Orange,

    Vodafone, Zewail City of Science, Sadako group, Gozour Foundation, NBE Bank

    , QNB Bank, Sofitel Cairo Nile El Gezirah Hotels, Palm Hills Developments)


    - Learning Center Branch Manager


    - Advancing Mobile Literacy Learning Project Manager (UNESCO, Microsoft

    Education, MCIT, MOE)


    The Online Live Training on Zoom will be

    4 Sessions

    (Every Session is 3 Hours)


    From Sunday 3-Sep-2023 to Wednesday 6-Sep-2023


    Sunday 3-Sep

    Monday 4-Sep

    Tuesday 5-Sep

    Wednesday 6-Sep


    All the Sessions are from 7:30 PM to 10:30 PM Egypt & Saudi Arabia Time

    (The session is 3 Hours)


    Payment Options

    39 USD

    instead of 150 USD




    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


    Is it an advanced excel course? 

    We help you create an interactive dashboard by creating Pivot tables and using it to create advanced calculations and formulas that help you bring out more insights into the data you have. 


    Are you covering all excel functions? No, but we do cover the following functions that help you create an interactive dashboard in excel:(If, Vlookup, Hlookup, Match and IFerror)


    Course access expiry? Lifetime access, there is no expiry date for the course access. You can watch the videos anytime without downloading them. 


    Are you using Macros or Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)? No, we do not use Macros in our courses. 


    Do you provide certificates? Yes, we do provide a certificate of completion from our company “Powerful Insights”.


    Do I have to be advanced or an expert in Excel? No, you just need to have a basic knowledge of Excel, and we explain all the steps in detail in the courses. 


    Are the courses fully explained in the English language or Arabic? The courses are explained mainly in Arabic but only using the specific terminologies in English.