• Dashboard/Report Design

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  • “Get the max out of your data”


    1. Are you a manager who suffers from stuffed reports with much information and fewer conclusions
    2. Are you an employee how needs to propose a daily report but don’t know how to shortly and attractively communicating it in a way that impresses your managers? 
    3. Are you even that business owner who is not a data person and just needs to see what really matters with no desire to go all over the detailed reports? 
    If you can relate to one of these three, this solution will be your rescue!


    Each business has a non-stoppable flow of different data that needs to be collected, managed and presented in the best possible way. With Dashboard designing, you will get benefit of each single data you got! There are no more wasted time in crafting reports, no lose track of vital data or no boring presentations.


    We help you find your gateway to spot the light on the key data in each report, and to communicate them in the simplest forms with the most attractive methodologies.


    This service is all about mind shifting and eye-opening designs that will assist you in accurately tracking your current ROI, closely seeing within the gaps and critically planning for the upcoming move.


    Whatever you use Excel, PowerPoint, Tableau, Power BI, SAP or any other tool in creating your reports, powerful insights can help you with customized designs that suit your own tools and needs.



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