• Communicate To Lead Training


    Become to Your Team;
    The Manager You've Never Had! 

    Are you a First-Time-Manager, expecting to become one, or aspiring to be a Team Leader; and want to learn how to handle this critical role in terms of effective communication with your team?

    • Do you find it hard to have a critical conversation with your employee when they've under-performed?

    Do you want to maintain balance between efficiency & productivity, and creating a friendly environment for your team?

    • Do you have an employee who's most of the time reluctant towards delivering the tasks you ask them for?

    If you can't communicate effectively with
    your employees, you can say goodbye to engagement, productivity & retention.
    - Sujan Patel

    • People might join a company for the good salary, or growth opportunity, but they frequently leave because they don’t have a good relationship with their manager.


    • According to Gallup polls, 50% of employees who quit state their manager as the reason.


    • It costs about 20% of an employee's annual salary to replace them.


    • Bad manager-employee communication hurts efficiency, productivity and revenue.
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    In this training session you will learn...


    • The Biggest 5 Mistakes
      The root cause behind the biggest traps new managers unintentionally fall for.


    • Charismatic Listening
      Listening step-by-step guide; to encourage subordinates to speak up.


    • Constructive Feedback
      How to give your employee a feedback without hurting their feelings or pride.


    • Fundamentals of Appreciation
      The How, When & Why to appreciate your people.


    • Tasks Communication
      Align with your subordinates on expected tasks and on-time deliverables; to stay on top of things.


    • Critical Conversation
      How to handle a critical conversation with your employee instead of avoiding it.


    • Traits of a Charismatic Leader
      How to make your team follow you out of admiration, not out of obligation.

    Meet Your Instructor

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    Ahmed Mounir is a Business Development Professional in the Information Technology field, a Human Development Passionate, and a Communication Expert & Certified Trainer.


    Ahmed has been working in Sales and People Management for more than 10 years with some of the biggest corporations like QI Group, Microsoft, and Link Development.


    Ahmed’s passion and life mission is to help people become charismatic communicators. He currently delivers training sessions to individuals, start-ups and corporates to help as many people as possible unleash their charisma & leadership potential. He believes that mastering human relations & effective communication elevates all aspects of life.

    What People Say About

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    “In a single-day-course, I've received a HUGE experience regarding my two favorite fields: communication skills and leadership skills. This course built a "bridge" that makes communication works in favor of leadership and vice versa! For me, I used to study each separately. I strongly recommend it for new managers in particular and -generally- for whoever needs to start positively influencing more of his/her colleagues, friends, neighbors or even family members.


    Ahmed Meshref

    Maintenance Planning Department Manager



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    “I wasn't sure that the training session would be beneficial or whether it will help me overcome my challenges with the team, but I'm impressed by the amount of information & "practical solutions" I have received. Mounir is very helpful and aware of the challenges I have. The session has exceeded my expectations.

    Reem Metwaly

    Senior Product Manager



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    “I believe applying the information that Mounir shared with us will make most communication between a leader and his subordinates positive and healthy. Thanks Mounir for providing such knowledge and being open to listen to our situations.


    Mostafa El-Moez

    Regional Information Technology Manager

    LC Waikiki


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    A highly informative and interactive session and is essential for managers and team leaders. Ahmed is very knowledgeable with multidisciplinary background, and the training proved extremely useful and applicable to my new role.


    Dina Mohamed

    Sales Team Leader



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    “Very beneficial. Clear & to the point. Great presentation skills. Answered my critical questions and concerns. Positive learning environment. Handout papers are very helpful and organized.


    Eman Ahmed Shawky

    Head Of German Department

    Roots International School


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    “Training was very constructive, full of knowledge & examples. The best thing is that the trainer listened well & responded to all our inquiries & questions. Loved it.


    Eman Ahmed

    Senior Accountant

    Proserv Egypt


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    “Very well prepared. Presentation is excellent & attractive, contains situations from real life, visuals, interactive activities. Overall very interesting & very beneficial training.


    Meriam Nagy

    UI Tech Lead



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    “The session covered all aspects, very interesting & presentable, the slides were perfect, and the activities were very useful.


    Khaled Moustafa

    MEA Professional Services Lead

    Link Data Center


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    “I joined the course with no expectations as I didn't know the speaker before, but I feel lucky; actually very lucky to attend this training as it enriched my knowledge on how to deal with the working environment, and can also be applied to friends.


    Shaimaa Thabet
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    Mounir's experience is outstanding. Roleplays were excellent. And the encouraged sharing of the attendees added a lot of value to the session.


    Moataz Hegazy

    Government Relation Senior Manager



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    “The constructive feedback part was extremely useful. I will definitely apply it when communicating with my team members.


    Walaa Salah

    Senior Validation Team Lead



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    I found direct relation between the training's content and the daily cases & situations I face at work or even on a personal level. This is the most interactive training I have ever attended, the attendees were so proactive and I was happy to interact with everyone.


    Omar Tarek

    Team Leader & Scrum Master



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